Design week

It is definitely worth to visit any of exhibitions or art events that are performed in your city. Recently we had a chance to visit Design week. It is necessary to say that it was an interesting and pithy experience. All the objects were original and with a story to tell. It is so amazing to see so many young people having ideas and making them into real pieces of art that inspire people and make them feel something. Such events develop people consciousness, expose relevant occurences of society. So, if you have ever had a doubt if it is worth to visit any cultural event, go ahead and discover.

Here are some photographs:

Transparent tiles with written bold words. Like thoughts in our heads.


Empty chairs by the table and jackets casually waiting for bodies. They are different but supplement each other.


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Simple posters with deep meaning that leaves you lost in thought.



         Mysterious room full of cups and saucers. In memory of all the peaceful moments you had. And enigmatic bottle of dark green liquid saying “dare”.




Pastel minty tones. Frozen bottles with white paint like perfect imperfection?

Pyramid  with quotes and wishes.

Clothes made of emery paper.


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Plants raised from the dead for a new life.


Nobody knows the real you except you. Close your eyes and think for a while. What are your dreams? Who were you before your adult life?


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