16763731_1301655486581856_59896203_oLet’s talk about ordinary. What do we even mean by ‘ordinary’? It comes to my mind, that a lot of people tend to search or wait for some kind of special moments. This leads to high expectations and hopes. And my main idea of this article today is to have you think – why shouldn’t we try to find joy in the ordinary, in little everyday moments?

American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow has once said that ‘In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.’ What if ordinary makes extraordinary? Do not mistake this for monotony. Simplicity doesn’t have to be always the same. It can be and is, usually, very special. I strongly believe that it could be related to many aspects of life. It can be expected and seen in fashion in making a simple day a whole lot more special. We are all worth happiness. And happiness as a feeling, as an emotion, in its very core is nothing but simple. It is not complicated, but it sets you free. It releases your spirit and when that feeling touches you it is felt by heart. To be happy you do not actually need something very difficult or complex. Perhaps, a bit of simplicity makes it all sophisticated and interesting? Do not be afraid to search, to be curious. Life is not a stop, it is a journey. You have a blank page and you are the author.

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